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5 Answers To The Cavs’ Question: “Where’s The Defense?”

Mark Duncan | AP

#1 Pick And Who?

The Cavs have also been playing very poor pick and roll defense, in which both defenders end up going the same direction, opposite of the opposing ball handler. This has happened many times, and it’s something the Cavs just can’t seem to get right:

Also this,

And this…

While we might not always be up against the super agile Ty Lawson, the two Cavaliers involved in the pick and roll need to communicate, or decide ahead of time if the primary defender will stay or switch. This makes it much simpler on the secondary defender and allows for them to step up and contest the open jump shot. Opposing ball handlers split the D so easily that the Cavs definitely need to do something about the P-R defense in order to improve overall defensively. After all, it can only get better… hopefully:

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