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4 Reasons Why the Cavs Struggle Against Western Teams

Joshua Gunter/The Plain Dealer

#4 Ball Movement

Lastly, the Cavalier’s assist numbers shed light on the lack of success experienced so far in the West. Before their redemptive performance against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Cavs were ranked second worst team by assists averaging only 17.8 assists per contest and only 14.1% of the Cavs’ possessions featured assists, the 2nd worst ratio in the NBA. In Utah, the team only had six assists, tying a franchise low. Kyrie Irving didn’t have a single assist and LeBron had the most assists for the Cavs that night with four. This problem boils down to a lack of team chemistry, which hasn’t been apparent because teammates need to take up new roles, adapt to a new coach and strategy and actually have enough time to grow and develop together. We saw that theory of team chemistry start to surface with the Cavs’ latest game at home against the Pelicans, where, contrary to all prior games, the Cavs offense seemed unstoppable and Irving nearly recorded double-digit assists (9). Now time will further tell us how well the Cavs can share the ball and play as a team.

These are serious issues that explain why the Cavs have struggled against the West. The question is how serious, and how can the Cavs adjust? Find out on the final page:

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