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4 Reasons Why the Cavs Struggle Against Western Teams

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

#3 Bench Scoring

Before the Nuggets game, the Cavaliers’ bench scoring for the 2014-2015 season was the worst in league. The Cavs averaged only 17.5 bench points per game. After the game, Cavs are ranked 18th, averaging a more reasonable 30.8 points per contest. While these early season statistics fluctuate, this upward trend is a good sign, but it needs to improve further and cannot be hindered by rotations. In Utah, coach David Blatt only played eight players. The three off the bench, Mike Miller, Thompson and Dion Waiters, managed to score 13 points and the starts the other 87. Waiters, usually playing in the mid twenty minutes range, played only 13:14. The Jazz, on the other hand, played 10 men. The five off the bench managed to score 25. Last season, of the top five teams for bench scoring, only one (Brooklyn) was from the East. The other four were from the West and averaged about 40 points. If the Cavs are going to win games consistently, especially against the West, the bench is going to need to make a consistent impact.

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