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4 Reasons Why the Cavs Struggle Against Western Teams

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

#1 Interior Defense

In 2/3 of games against Western teams, the Cavs failed to score more points in the paint. Their worst paint performance was against the Mavericks in the preseason, where the interior point differential was +17 in favor of Dallas. Since then, the difference in points in the paint has been much smaller when facing Western teams. Furthermore, the average points scored in the paint by Western teams against the Cavs is 42.4 per contest while the Cavs have only been able to score on average 38.0 points in the paint against Western teams. The reason for the difference is somewhat simple: Western teams usually feature stronger, bigger, more aggressive post players and thus are better equipped to dominate the Cavs in the paint. Take for example, Howard, Aldridge, Cousins, Griffin, and (Marc) Gasol. No offense to Kevin Love, Anderson Varejao, or Tristan Thompson, but without help from other teammates the Cavs will undoubtedly get bullied in the post and on the boards.

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