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4 Reasons Why the Cavs Struggle Against Western Teams

Gene Sweeney Jr.

The Cavs came out of their western road trip with a win to end a small losing streak. Now 3-3, the Cavs are .500 against Western Conference thus far. The Cavs fell to Portland and Utah but were able to overcome Denver and New Orleans. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as the Cavs couldn’t pick up a win against a western team in the preseason, and the team building process is bound to take more than a couple of games. The Cavs record against western teams, including the preseason, is 2-4, compared to a far more impressive 4-1 against the East. Why the difference? The answer to that question is a bit complicated, but can be summarized in 4 reasons. Start with reason #1 on the next page!

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