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3 Ways LeBron James Can Get Even Better Next Season

LeBron James
Jim Rogash | Getty Images

Jim Rogash | Getty Images

Area 2: Stop being so unselfish

There are times when LeBron James is a little bit too unselfish. He is easily the best player on the Planet Earth. There are certain situations where he is just relaxing out there. At least, that’s how it seems. Other times, he makes what is called “The Right Basketball Play” by passing to a teammate when he should be shooting the ball. We all have seen instances of this and this is a huge knock on LeBron. This is a huge topic in the media. ESPN’s First Take always talks about this. Not as much as they used to but they still do. Skip Bayless is LeBron’s biggest critic and he harps on him about this often. LeBron has silenced his critics throughout the last few years by winning two championships with the Miami Heat. He also has had some clutch moments when he really came through and silenced the haters. If he can do this on a regular basis this knock on his game will be null and void.

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