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3 Ways LeBron James Can Get Even Better Next Season

LeBron James
David Richard | USA TODAY Sports

David Richard | USA TODAY Sports

Area 1: Cut down on turnovers

During the 2014-2015 NBA season LeBron James turned the ball over at a 3.9 turnover per game clip. That is a nice amount of turnovers for a guy who has a heavy load of handling the ball and making plays for others. He has a tendency of leaving his feet on passes to his teammates. Anyone who has grown up around the game of basketball knows that your coach stresses that leaving your feet on a pass is a no-no. There aren’t many holes to his game. If you see LeBron on a game like NBA 2K15 he is rated a 99 overall. He is as close to a perfect basketball player that you will ever see play. If he can fix his slight turnover problem than the league is in big trouble. He is already extremely efficient on the basketball court. Get rid of these turnovers and you have an almost perfect player.

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