LeBron James is one of the greatest players to ever the game of basketball. His efforts and dedication to the game have made him a definite future Hall of Famer. Throughout his career, James has encountered many moments to remember, some moments you may know, some you may not. Starting from the beginnings of his career, here are 15 things you may not have known about King James.

15. O-H!

On numerous occasions throughout his career, LeBron James said that if he decided to go to college instead of the NBA, he would have most likely chosen Ohio State. When he joined Larry King’s show, he also mentioned the University of North Carolina as a possible landing spot.

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14. Pass First

LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world, but of all the stats that are recorded, he says his assists are his favorite:

“I’ve always loved the success of my teammates more than myself,” he’s said. “I’ve always been like that since I was a kid. Even when I first started playing basketball, we had a kid named Sonny on our team that was younger than all of us and he couldn’t catch. So, in order for him to catch we used to roll the ball to him so he could pick it up and shoot it off the ground. And when he finally made one, it was like the greatest thing for all of us. And I’ll always remember that.”

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13. Cartoon Lover

LeBron James is a huge cartoon lover. In fact, his favorite cartoon show is ‘Tom & Jerry,’ but also says that ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ is up there among his favorites. He also cracks a ton of ‘Family Guy’ jokes during practices.

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12. Surprise!

LeBron James second son, Bryce Maximus James, was born during James first trip to the NBA Finals back in 2007 when he was with the Cavs. It was on June 14, right before Game 3 against San Antonio.

“We was in the Finals. I was preparing for Game 3. He’s huge now. It just lets me know how fast time flies, man. And I’m fortunate enough to be in this situation again.”

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11. Poster On Teammate

When LeBron James had that huge poster dunk on then opponent Damon Jones, Jones said he Jones then received 65 missed calls after the game. Of those 65, 35 of those came from NBA players. The following year, Jones joined the Cavaliers.

Now retired, Jones is an assistant to the Cavs.

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10. LeBron tried to declare for the NBA draft after his junior year in high school.

After his third season with the Irish, LeBron petitioned to enter the draft. However, the League told him that he had to graduate high school. Up until 2006, any player that graduated from high school could enter the NBA draft. Players such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Amar’e Stoudemire all entered the draft without college or international experience. The rule was changed in 2006, in which players now have to have at least one year of experience with a college or international team.

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9. LeBron’s favorite subject in high school was Earth Science.

LeBron was not much of a fan of school during his early days. However, LeBron didn’t mind a few subjects, when asked, LeBron said he enjoyed art but his favorite subject was Earth Science. Imagine LeBron as a scientist? What if he pursued science instead of basketball? Thats something we’ll never find out.

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8. LeBron James and Michael Jordan are the only players to win a regular season MVP, NBA Finals MVP, and an Olympic gold medal in the same year.

LeBron completed the trifecta in 2012 after winning his first NBA title at the age of 27. Michael did it back in 1992 after winning his second title at the age of 29. The two have impacted the league in their own ways, MJ and LBJ will go down in the NBA history, however, LeBron still has many years left, could he surpass the ‘GOAT’?

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Liverpool FC

7. LeBron is a part owner of Liverpool FC.

With millions of dollars to spend, LeBron thought he’d buy the Liverpool Football Club, I mean… why not? He hopes to win as many championships as Liverpool has, which is 18. Only 16 to go. Good luck, LeBron. LeBron also seems to have good relationship with Liverpool star Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool organization even made LeBron his own kit with number 6 on the back.

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6. LeBron used to live with his football team coach and his family while his mother Gloria tried to find a more stable living situation.

Times were bad for young LeBron, his mother Gloria was struggling to find a suitable home for them both. Coach Walker, the head coach of the football team offered LeBron to stay at his home while Gloria found a more stable living situation. LeBron lived with Walker and his family for a few months, Walker eventually introduced LeBron to the game of basketball.

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5. Michael Jordan wanted LeBron to attend private scrimmages in Chicago the summer before his junior year in high school.

Michael Jordan was scouting LeBron before his JUNIOR year in high school, he knew LeBron had talent and he wanted to work with him privately. The two had private scrimmages, no media or journalists were allowed to attend the scrimmages. Just the two of them and maybe a few of James’s friends, the scrimmages came to an end when one of James’s buddies reportedly prank called Jordan, which made MJ quite angry.

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4. During a teachers vs students game in 8th grade, LeBron got the ball on a breakaway and threw down his first dunk.

I’m sure LeBron was waiting for that day to come, surely he practiced dunking before the game in his backyard or something. Imagine if he dunked on the principle, that would’ve been hilarious.

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3. In High School, LeBron’s coach would make him do 10 pushups every time he cursed.

Coaches do have their strict rules, push ups aren’t that bad especially if you’re the King. Is that the explanation for his great physical stature?

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2. As a high school senior, LeBron attended the Adidas ABCD Camp wearing Nike sneakers and at the Nike All-American Camp, he wore Adidas.

Step back, we have a badman here. No but seriously, did he accidentally do this or just for the laughs? It doesn’t matter, when you’re King, you do what you please.

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1. LeBron writes and eats left-handed but shoots with his right hand.

A lot of people have this ability, it’s actual name is ambidexterity and it’s quite common. LeBron isn’t the only player who does this, fellow Cavalier Tristan Thompson is also ambidextrous and other NBA players including Steve Nash and legend Larry Bird are ambidextrous as well.