Iman Shumpert was a part of a three-team trade that shocked NBA fans everywhere. Transitioning from the New York Knicks to the Cleveland Cavaliers was a big deal, literally! So what do we know about the 24 year old who stands at 6 ft. 5 inch, 220 lb. shooting guard/small forward with the funky 90’s retro style? Let’s take a look at some of the little known and fun facts about the new Cavalier you may not have known about:

Shumpert Hair Crazy Cover

13. New Contract, New Do

Iman Shumpert has had some crazy hairdos, but this one after signing his first ever NBA contract via free agency is a little mind boggling, isn’t it. Shumpert had his flat top all season, and no decide it to…whatever that is. Cavs Nation still loves you, Shump!

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12. Before the NBA

Even before getting drafted in the NBA in 2011, Iman was playing ball on the court with the future pros. He was teammates with Boston Celtics Guard/ Forward Evan Turner while attending Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School in Oak Park, Illinois his eighth grade year. Turner, who’s a year older than Shumpert, went on to play Ohio State University where he played three years and was drafted by the Philadelhia 76ers with the second pick. Shumpert went a different route playing in Georgia Tech University, but also played three years before being drafted by the New York Knicks in 2011 at pick 17.

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11. Care for a joke?

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Although Iman maintained good grades in school, averaging mostly A’s and B’s, his parents were informed by teachers that they had a class clown on their hands! Iman was noted to be disruptive and often held his fellow classmates attention during class. Hmm, wonder if he had that high top back hair back then as well…?

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10. Misinformed

Did you know that Shumpert was actually born in Berlin, Ireland? It’s on his birth certificate as his official place of birth despite many notable sites indicating Oak Park, Illinois as his place of birth. Go figure! He’s not the only Cavalier whose place of birth might have surprised you. Kyrie Irving was born in Melbourne, Australia.

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9. Winin’ and Dinin’

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These days you can catch Iman Shumpert with his girlfriend, Teyana Taylor sitting courtside at a basketball game or eating well at a five star restaurant, but he wasn’t always so smooth when it came to the ladies. His first date consisted of him and his girlfriend kickin’ it at her house after school their sophomore year! To this day, he also isn’t big on fancy dining.

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8. First Take Theme

We all know about Iman Shumpert’s prowess on the basketball court. Cavs fans have come to know about Shumpert’s rapping ability in his short time with in Cleveland. The first song by Shumpert, the Cavs Anthem, came at the start of the playoffs and you can see it below.

Shumpert, who is an avid watcher of ESPN’s First Take along with J.R. Smith, made a song for the show’s introduction that aired Tuesday morning. The song fell in line with Cleveland’s first Finals home game of the series and the third Finals home game in the franchise’s history.

Here’s the video below, which starts out with Shumpert watching First Take with his dad.

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7. M.O.B (munchies over buying)

Rob Kim | Getty Images

Rob Kim | Getty Images

When asked about a holiday preference, Shump says he prefers Thanksgiving over Christmas because as he got older, the responsibility of buying presents was always on him. His other reason for liking Thankgiving over Christmas is that he would rather sit at home and eat with his family instead of be out shopping in anticipation of the big day.

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6. Swag Champ!

Iman Shumpert Instagram

Iman Shumpert Instagram

Growing up, Iman wasn’t interested in sports cars or any car for that matter, but was a major sneakerhead as he was able to spot and identify any pair of sneaker. When he was younger, he didn’t have the means to afford brand name sneakers that he always wanted, but now that he does, he spoils himself with any brand he likes. That would explain why he balled out on a $6,000 pair of kicks!

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5. Say what?

Christopher Gabello |

Having more than just skills on the court, Iman’s other talent and passion is in his music! He released a mix tape titled Th3 #Post90s featuring R&B croon Chrisette Michelle as well as a few others. You can check out tracks from the mix tape on Here’s a sample:

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Derrick Salters | WENN

4. Change Clothes And Go

Inspired by his mother who is an adjunct professor of art and design, Iman hopes to release his own fashion line revealing more of his retro 90’s style. He’s already designed a Post 90s sweatshirt. Check out his designs on

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3. FOX’s Empire Resemblance

During the season, NEOMG’s Chris Haynes asked Iman Shumpert about the striking resemblance to himself and his girlfriend, Teyana Taylor. to the characters portrayed on Fox’s hit music television series “Empire.” Hakeem, who Shumpert claims is based off of his character, is dating a character named Tiana. Here’s a piece from

Hakeem has the mannerisms, as well as the look and, strangely, the sound of Shumpert. He’s even rocking Shumpert’s patented high-top fade hairstyle.

“I don’t watch that stuff, man,” Shumpert told Northeast Ohio Media Group, an annoyed expression on his face.

“They’re using my girl’s character, her style, her look and she’s not getting anything for it,” Shumpert said of Teyana Taylor, a real-life R&B singer, dancer and actress who is Shumpert’s girlfriend. “They didn’t even change her name. They could have at least let my girl audition for the part instead of stealing her character completely.”

Shumpert, the defensive specialists coming off of the Cavs bench, mentioned that despite not watching the show, he’s heard that his stolen character also has a faded high-top like himself, and the character Tiana also has a similar hairstyle along with the fact that she’s an R&B singer.

“I don’t see how they can deny it,” he said. “Everybody knows.”

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2. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Growing up, Iman looked up to and admired former NBA champion and now current head coach, Jason Kidd, citing him to be a big influence in his life. What better player to look up to than the influential Kidd and one of the best point guards to play in NBA history? In his second year with the Knicks, Shump got the opportunity of a lifetime when he played alongside Kidd in what would be his final season in the NBA.

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1. When It’s All Said and Done…

Like many who play the game of basketball at their respective levels, winning a championship is a top priority and goal for Shumpert. In an interview on his website, he expressed what he wanted to be remembered as. He wants fellow teammates and players to remember him as the guy who always wanted to win, who gave his all in every game. With that type of attitude, he fits right in with the men who don the Wine and Gold. Once again, welcome to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Iman Shumpert!