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12 Craziest Contracts Signed This Offseason

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With a new TV deal bumping up the NBA salary cap in two seasons, teams are rushing to sign free agents at max contracts this summer. Teams are ok with overpaying young players because when the new TV deal kicks in, these max contracts will seem like a steal in a league with $110+ million salary cap. Many players and agents have used this as a bargaining chip to get max contracts this free agency. Teams have been more than willing, though, to retain their key free agents from joining their opponents.

12. Reggie Jackson re-signs with Detroit Pistons for 5 years, $70 million

The Pistons gave up Brandon Knight in a 3-way trade that netted former Oklahoma City Thunder guard Reggie Jackson. Although he often struggled to perform at a high level in OKC, Pistons Coach Stan Van Gundy views Jackson as a player to build the team around. Some people such as all-star PG John Wall think that Jackson was overpaid, but it was the only way for the Pistons to retain the restricted free agent.

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