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10 Superstars Who Signed A Deal For Less Than Tristan Thompson’s Demanded 5-Year, $94 Million

Troy Taormina l USA TODAY Sports

It has been an ongoing soap opera between Tristan Thompson and the Cleveland Cavaliers all summer. When free agency first opened, a report came out that the two made a deal and Tristan would be in Cleveland long term. That was not the case. Since then, the Cavs have repeatedly offered him a 5 year, $80 million deal, and Tristan has declined that offer, instead looking for the max at 5 year, $94 million. Thompson’s agent, Rich Paul (who also represents LeBron) has said that if Tristan is not given the max, he will opt to sign the qualifying offer and take his talents elsewhere next summer. Now, whether or not Tristan is worth the max contract is all opinion. But, if the Cavs do decide to give him the max, here is a list of stars who will be making the same amount or even less money. These guys did sign their contracts a few years ago, when the salary cap was lower, but it should still put into perspective how much Thompson is asking for.

10.) John Wall

2014-15 Stats: 17.6 PTS, 4.6 REB, 10 AST

Contract: 5 years $84 million

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