The reason that ESPN’s SportsCenter has a weird man crush on LeBron James, is his ability to throw down on people, put them on posters for eternity. It takes a lot to be able to do what James does so well. It’s not only the god given talent, but an incredible amount of strength, to take the contact and throw down on some of the league’s best.

Here’s a look here at LeBron James’ top 10 poster dunks as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers:

#10 “He’s Mad At Somebody”

Next on the list, its Amar’e Stoudemire that gets crowned. Off of a Mo Williams deflection, LeBron gathers the ball and dribbles right past Steve Nash and Channing Frye’s stellar defense. The only man in his way from that point is Amare Stoudemire, and the final product isn’t something that Suns fans will want to watch many times over.

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#9 “He turns Leandro Barbosa into a screen saver!”

The title says it all right? Leandro Barbosa must have had a last second brain-fade, attempting to stop LeBron James from a baseline dunk. Did he actually think he was going to block it? I hope not.

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#8 Mourning for Alonzo

When a perfect pick is set, and the middle of the lane opens up you can see LeBron’s eyes light up. He knows he’s about to provide his buddies at ESPN with their #1 highlight on tonight’s show. Donyell Marshall sets the previously mentioned perfect screen to open up the middle of the paint for LeBron James. James takes flight to put Alonzo Mourning on a poster.

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#7 See Ya, Atlanta

LeBron welcomes the Atlanta Hawks to the Conference Finals and sends them home with a drive down the lane and a big poster dunk on Mike Muscala, Kent Bazemore, and the rest of the Hawks team.

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#6 The Need to Dunk on Sheed

This was a huge game in the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the 2007 ECF, the Cavs had lost the first two games in Detroit, both by 3, 79-76. Heading back to Cleveland the Cavs needed to win two to make something of this series.

Late in the fourth quarter, Zyrdunas Ilgauaskas rebounds a James three point attempt, kicks it back to him and sets a screen to turn and see LeBron assaulting the rim, with Rasheed Wallace copping the full force of it. This catapulted the Cavs to a Game 3 win, and eventually into their first NBA Finals appearance.

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#5 Throw Down in Alamo City

The last time the Cavs had won in San Antonio, was 1988. LeBron James was 4 years old. 4 was a significant number to LeBron on this particular night.

Four minutes into the game, LeBron led his Cavaliers on a break after a Tim Duncan miss. Using a Drew Gooden screen, LeBron turned the corner and placed Tim Duncan on highlight reels for the wrong reason for once.

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#4 Right Down Euclid

Do you dislike Luol Deng? Andres Nocioni? The Chicago Bulls? Well do we have a play for you. Late in the game, up two, with the Bulls making a strong push, LeBron James crushes all hope of a Bulls comeback win.

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To many Cavs fans this is their favourite LeBron James play of all time. I don’t think this one needs an introduction. Sit back and enjoy the goosebumps that are about to engulf your body Cavs Nation.

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#2 James Johnson’s Kodak Moment

Its early in a playoff game, and either team is waiting for a big moment to get their team on a run that could eventually lead to a win. King James, your stage is set.

Andy flashes to the low block looking for a pass, and James’ defender, James Johnson, takes his eyes off LeBron for just a split second. But when you’re guarding the best player in the world, a split second is all it takes. James takes full advantage and immortalizes James Johnson at the Q.

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#1 RIP Damon Jones

James’ greatest facial dunk of all time, former Cavalier, Damon Jones.

James plucks the ball from id air, showing his former WR skills, and passes the ball to Jeff McInnis to lead the break. McInnis feeds the ball back to James on a bounce pass, and James dunks all over the only defender hustling back, Damon Jones.