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10 Biggest Finals Upsets In NBA History

Nathaniel S. Butler | Getty Images

Everyone loves an underdog and the NBA Finals has provided us with a fair share of inspiring moments throughout the years. It’s not a long list as, most of the time, the level of competition at this stage evens up with the Beast of the East going up against the Best of the West. But every once in a while, we are treated to storylines featuring teams that are on opposite poles, or so we thought. We take a look back at those who defied the greatest odds and did what many thought was an impossible task. Here are the 10 biggest upsets in NBA Finals history, starting with number 10:

10 – Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers (1989)

The Los Angeles Lakers brought heartbreak to the city of Detroit in the 1988 finals by winning their second straight title. The following year, the Lakers looked to accomplish a rare three-peat against the Pistons but the Bad Boys had other things in mind. Los Angeles flexed their muscle all the way to the finals but injuries took some air out of them and the Bad Boys of Motown, led by finals MVP Joe Dumars, capitalized on the opportunity and handed their former tormentors an embarrassing sweep. It was the first title in team history for the Pistons.

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