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10 Best Guard Duos In The NBA

David Richard | USA TODAY Sports

2) Kyrie Irving/Iman Shumpert, Cleveland Cavaliers

Kyrie had a great year with LeBron returning to the Cavs, scoring over 21 points per game. His handles are definitely top three in the game today, and his shooting is deadly from all over the floor. Kyrie is one of the best younger players in the league. The Cavs traded for Iman Shumpert last season to help the backcourt on the defensive end, and he has done just that. Despite Kyrie’s improvements on defense, the addition of Shump really solidifies the Cavs defense. Shump is also an above average 3PT shooter, which means easy buckets for him. With a full off-season to work with, these two should improve on playing together, and that will translate to better play on both sides of the court.

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