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10 Best Guard Duos In The NBA


In the present-day NBA of which there are many quality guards, wing players that are very valuable for their ability to shoot, distribute the ball, and defend. Having one player be much better than their backcourt-mate isn’t as great as having both players playing at a high level, complementing each other. Individually they may not be as great, but when put together, these top 10 backcourts are the best in the NBA. We start with the 10th best backcourt in the NBA:

10) George Hill/Monta Ellis, Indiana Pacers

Although the ink from Ellis’ contract with the Pacers is still fresh, he seems to be a good fit with George Hill. Ellis likes to have the ball in his hands, whereas Hill is okay with playing off the ball. Ellis will have to improve his jump-shot percentage in order to make it work, and Hill will have to knock down shots night-in and night-out. The potential is there, but it is up to Hill and Ellis to execute.

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